Last updated on 28-Aug-2001 2:11 PM

Operation / Maintenance Manual


Cryostat Handling Procedure

Procedures for mounting and dismounting Michelle on its workstation, and transporting it between UKIRT and Gemini.

Telescope Installation

The procedures for mounting Michelle on either the UKIRT or Gemini telescope, including the installation of electronic, cryogenic and vacuum services.

Cryostat Disassembly

The disassembly of Michelle into its major components.

Front Optical Bench

The disassembly of the Front Optical Bench into its constituent modules.

Filter Wheel Service

Replacement of filters, including a list of which filters are currently fitted.

Focus Translation Assembly service

Calibration Unit Mechanism Maintenance

Slit Wheel Service

A list of currently installed entrance slits.

Replacement of diffraction gratings and other components in the grating exchange mechanism.

Cryostat Assembly

The assembly of major components (grating drum, front optical bench etc.) and preparation of the cryostat, either for evacuation and cool-down or for transport.

The conversion of Michelle from UKIRT mode to Gemini mode

The conversion of Michelle from Gemini mode to UKIRT mode

Cool Down Procedure

The evacuation of the cryostat, pre-cooling with liquid nitrogen and cooldown to Michelle's operating temperature, with lab. data for comparison.

Procedures for connecting array, system health checks at start of cooldown and before an observing run

Warming up Michelle to room temperature with heater settings and lab data for comparison.

The Joule-Thomson Cooler

Maintenance and operation of the Joule-Thomson cooler.

Optical Alignment

Warm alignment of the instrument, from eyeball checks at the telescope up to interferometric testing in the lab.

Characterisation of the Array

Outlines paameters which need to be measures to ensure the array is operational and which can be used to check continued expected performance of the array.

Appendix A Torque Settings

Recommended torque settings for the metric hex screws used in Michelle.